Thank you for your interest and/or purchase of our exciting new scent dispenser.

It is an electronic device with specifications and features designed for mainstream use and will heat and disperse ConQuest Scents in vapor form with the option of using the operating modes by remote control.

Given reasonable handling and care and depending on one's own needs/preferences it can provide significant benefit and performance as a premium dispersal tool!

With any new item, and especially electronics, there are questions on how-to-use it and sometimes troubleshooting while getting up and running. Below are instructions and facts for the ScentFIRE.

Getting started with ScentFIRE:

Step 1 - Take out the ScentFIRE unit, remote control, EverCalm Cartridge, and instruction booklet for future reference.

Step 2 - Install 3 AA batteries (LITHIUM BATTERIES REQUIRED) into the unit making sure to install ALL 3 in the correct polarity position into the battery sleeve and install the battery sleeve placing the metal "bullseye" on the end of the sleeve upward into the unit. Make sure the threaded cap is simply snug and not crossthreaded for a secure connection.

Note: The remote control uses 1-CR2032 which is already installed and can be replaced when necessary by carefully separating the 2 halves of the remote.

Step 3 - Press and hold the button on the unit until the red light comes on... ScentFIRE is now on Standby. Repeat that procedure to turn off (the remote does not turn the unit off/on).

Step 4 - Remove caps from the desired cartridge and gently insert and snugly screw in the cartridge in a clockwise (righty-tighty) motion... do not over tighten to avoid damage to unit or cartridge.

Step 5 - Use the button on the base or the buttons on the remote to select any of the 3 modes: 1 Minute dispersal indicated by a green light on base, 3 Minute dispersal setting indicated by a blue light, or Standby which is a red light.

Here are some Fast Facts on ScentFIRE:

Note: Individual experiences will vary based on wind, temperature, usage level, battery selection and more.

The ScentFIRE has 3 modes - 1 Min dispersal, 3 Min dispersal, and Standby.

The remote has an effective operating range up to 40 yards depending on battery strength, obstruction, and signal interference.

Each Cartridge has the potential for many hours of dispersal on the 3 Min setting.

Optimally, cartridges should be stored with the caps on and in a ziploc-style bag when not in use.

Never freeze or refrigerate cartridges, keep out of direct sunlight, and away from a heat source.

Between seasons, vacuum sealing cartridges (with the caps on) is best, as that eliminates unwanted dispersal.

Lithium Metal batteries will provide optimum performance and should be used whenever possible.
The key here for optimal performance is to use a fresh set of premium AAs and keep a spare set.

While there are many variables and individual experience will vary... up to 25 hours of overall use per fresh set of premium Lithium batteries has been noted during normal use and depending on dispersal settings.

ScentFIRE is NOT waterproof/weatherproof.

Care should be taken to avoid water intrusion.

If use is desired in freezing/subfreezing temperatures it may/will be necessary to retrieve the unit and warm it up periodically in order to facilitate desired dispersal.

ScentFIRE and the Elements

The ScentFIRE unit is classified as weather-resistant NOT weatherproof nor waterproof.

In order to offer a vaporizer to meet the needs of the broadest spectrum of our hunters, it was designed with quite reasonable specs and abilities.

It definitively has limitations with regard to wet weather and/or extreme temperature conditions in order to avoid damage to the unit that is not covered under warranty against defects.

Naturally, some strategies to combat those conditions would be necessary if you elect to use it in times of precipitation.

In rainy weather, sheltered placement or shrouding the unit to avoid direct exposure to rainfall would be necessary to avoid the potential for water intrusion into the unit.

Also worth noting, scent dispersal of vapor will be inhibited by rain... that is physics that cannot be overcome.

With regard to low temperature the methods would be to keep the unit warm until use and to warm the unit up as needed.

Insulating the unit would be another method to employ in order to use it longer in between retrieving it while using in severe weather.

When using in freezing temps the ScentFIRE and/or cartridges will require being warmed up periodically between placements/use for optimal use.

Troubleshooting ScentFIRE:

If the unit is powered up but does not vaporize as desired, please first refer to Getting started with ScentFIRE: section and attempt to troubleshoot unit operation with respect to batteries and cartridge installation.

Most often, if the unit is underperforming, it is simply underpowered.

If the ScentFIRE unit is not running properly, please ensure that you are using Lithium AA Batteries. Lithium Batteries will optimize the units vapor output and cold weather performance.

As the ScentFIRE unit's batteries are drained the vapor output of the unit will decrease. If using Lithium AA batteries the battery life will likely be:

In 1 Minute mode the unit should last approximately 10 hours
In 3 Minute mode the unit should last approximately 25 hours

If you have a unit and experience an issue that is not remedied by following the instructions above:

Please email a single troubleshooting request to and your inquiry WILL receive a reply by email and/or phone during normal office hours... 9-5 EST Monday through Friday.

In most instances, we are usually able to respond the same or next business day with regard to timing and volume of correspondence.

Please have your unit, remote, batteries, and a cartridge handy.

At that point, having received a troubleshooting inquiry, we will be looking forward to reaching you and assisting you in determining the issue.

Thank you.