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"Haven't been there yet but following them on YouTube."

James S.

"Unbelievably noticeable effects!! I watched several episodes of Conquest 200 on YouTube and went looking for Evercalm, picked it up and it's amazing how calm the deer are, pair that with the stink stick and I couldn't find Conquest Estrus but it's a deadly combo!! Shot the two biggest Michigan whitetails in my hunting life with these fantastic products, I'm hooked and need to find the V1 Estrus. Thank you Conquest and Roberts family!!!"

Denny K.

"Love it, works every time!"

Kenneth B.

"Best on the market! Hands down. Conquest scenes bring deer in an keeps them calm, over an over again."

Bobby D.

"Great products!!"

Gary B.

"Your product is the best I have ever used"

Ken A.

"I used Ever Calm and seem to just calm the deer down when they come in"

Mike E.

"I was definitely skeptical of the cost to effectiveness ratio! At 20$ a stick but after 3 hunts and the amount of down wind deer that either had no clue or came right to the bottom of my Tree and smelled it then carried on without a care! It will a permanent addition to my already strict sent regiment! And on top of it to a Michigan product !! Thanks guys maybe I'll tell my secret with the guys after deer camp !"

Brian D.

"I've used the ever calm stick and have had great success with it covering my scent. I've had multiple down wind deer NOT high tail it and or snort out the area. Great Michigan made product. I'll always have a stick in my pack!"

Dan S.

"Great Product made by Great People."

Kevin K.

"This is a first class operation. The customer service is unbelievable. For example I had an issue with one of the products and the person on the phone immediately said that they were sorry and automatically asked me for my address to mail me a new product. This is how every business should be like to do business with again.Thank you."

Al John C.

"conquest scents are some of the finest scents I've used in the last 25 years of hunting. the best part is I don't have to smell it all over my gear an close. thank you for a truly wonderful products"

John H.

"As a avid whitetail hunter I can say when it comes to scents Conquest has it nailed down. Over 5+ years of using the Evercalm and VS1 scents I have had deer walk right by me even underneath me with no inclination that I was there. I have seen small bucks and even some mature bucks lick brush and small limbs that were in contact with the Evercalm and VS1 scents. I can say it works everywhere whether your are hunting the Midwest or the Southeast this stuff works! Way to go guys! Keep up the great work! #fairchaseoutdoors"

Scott L.

"I heard about evercalm a year ago through the conquest 200 show, and had to try it. Today I killed a nice buck, never have been able to get them in close during archery, I fully believe the evercalm had alot to do with that. He never sensed me there at all, was able to get him in at 15 yards."

Karina G.

"I live in central Massachusetts hunting Whitetail is no joke here.We are not allowed bait,rifles,and hunting on sundays I put a dab of this stuff in front of all my cameras and I have deer sniffing it almost every day I'm convinced its works"

Michael T.

"Evercalm 100% works. It helped me bag a decent 7 point this year. First time use I rubbed it on my boots and on two smaller trees in my shooting lane. Within 12 hours 4 different bucks made 4 ground scrapes where I walked in on my trail. And rubbed the two trees raw where I put evercalm on. After 3 hours of sitting I passed on 3 smaller 6 points that was scent checking the area and pulled the trigger on a decent 7 point. Thank you Conquest Scents. Out of all the products I've purchased I'm glad to say the one that worked the best was produced in my home state of Michigan."

Ryan W.

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