Antler Sets

General Description

Our Antlers come from our herd of award-winning superior-genetics typical whitetail deer.
They tend to have above average mass and to have an appealing typical whitetail look.

Use them for authentic Rattling Antlers or Displays; they can be a beautiful addition to any home or office decor.
Antlers make an excellent unique gift for the hard-to-buy-for hunter/outdoorsman on your list; or even yourself!

They are also beautiful material for one-of-a-kind craft purposes.

The majority of our available Antlers range anywhere from approximately 40" sets to 180" and are cutoffs from our 1 to 3 year old bucks.

Shed Antlers from our largest breeder bucks typically range from 180" to 200" and up and are extremely prized for their rarity and regal beauty. These magnificent specimens are much fewer in quantity and simply do not remain available long once they are released for purchase.

General Pricing

Sets below 180" are priced approximately $1 per inch of rough score with a premium pricing weighted towards those with particularly nice mass and/or eye appeal.

Sets 200" and above start at 500.00 and are determined on their own score and merit.


General Terms

Due to the inherent natural variables of the items please note the following:

All Antlers are sold on an absolutely AS/IS basis.

They are offered for sale as a novelty artifact with no warranty expressed or implied.

All Antler sales are final and have no refund or return privileges.

Please email your Antler requests to and include the sizes and quantity that you are seeking. I will assist you in matching up your interests with what we have available so you can make a purposeful and confident purchase of these splendid artifacts of our whitetail deer.