A Smell That's Deer to Our Heart

ConQuest Scents offers premium hunting scents

For more than 15 years, ConQuest Scents has been selling premium hunting scents to hunters around the country. What separates us from the majority of other companies on the market is the white-tailed deer farm we've had for more than 27 years in Davison, Michigan. You can find hunting scents, scent dispensers, dog training scents, merchandise and more on our site. Call us at 888-653-2759 to learn how to make your next hunting trip more successful.

Our experience shines through

Thanks to our TV show, ConQuest 200, on the Sportsman, Pursuit, and Hunt Channels, and various YouTube videos, we're happy to share our story and tips to help make your next hunting trip a memorable one. You can use hunting scents for calming and attracting a variety of animals when you're hunting. You can use our dog scents for training, and a variety of Stink Sticks can be used for dispensing scents. Discover why ConQuest Scents is the company so many people rely on.

Keep out unwanted pests

Our DangerZone line of scents can be used to keep large and small pests away by working on the natural instincts of animals to avoid predators. The weather-resistant wax base is perfect for putting it on rocks, posts, foundations and outbuildings. It can be used to deter an array of animals, including:

  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Dogs
  • Coyotes
  • Rabbits
  • Cats
  • Mice

Discover which products are right for you by contacting ConQuest Scents today.

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